Wednesday, 27 October 2021
Peer2Peer Audit and Awards

The Asian Banker is pleased to launch The Peer2Peer Audit and Awards programme, which is the first audit based certification and awards programme for peer-to-peer lending, payment, crowd-investing and similar platforms around the world.

The objectives of this programme are as follows:

  • to issue an independently assessed Audit Certificate to legitimate peer-to-peer institutions that assures customers, investors and regulators that these players are committed to integrity in their operations, governance structures, sustainable business models and regulatory compliance.
  • to help maintain standards by publishing directories, awards and rankings of peer-to-peer lending, payment and crowd-investing institutions by countries, regions and areas of expertise that customers and investors can use as a reference with confidence.
  • to identify and publish emerging best practices for the benefit of the whole industry as they respond to new challenges that the rest of the industry can aspire to.

The Peer2Peer Audit and Awards programme is for the benefit of:

  • customers as well as investors who would benefit from the views of an independent assessor of these digital trust businesses that operate in the virtual world.
  • all players in the industry to track best practices and identify benchmarks based on the achievements of leaders in the industry as it evolves, that the rest of the industry can use to maintain high standards in the industry
  • regulators and policy makers to provide an independent view to guide them in formulating regulation and policies as the industry evolves.